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At Navigare Worldwide you’ll find yachting nirvana with more than 100 luxury yachts for charter in West Mediterranean Sea where the world’s best yachts and crews work to offer a unique boating experience.

The perfect knowledge of the sailing areas, the direct contact with yacht owners, years of experience to manage international crews put Navigare Worldwide Ltd in a privilege position that can be translated on a major warranty for the clients.

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  • The best navigation areas of the West Mediterranean Sea

    The best navigation areas of the West Mediterranean Sea

    Yacht Rental Italy, Yacht Rental Italian Riviera, Yacht Rental Tuscany, Yacht Rental Adriatic Sea, Yacht Rental Sicily Yacht Rental Italy, Yacht Rental Italian Riviera, Yacht Rental

  • rent a yacht to visit Italy

    Why rent a yacht to visit Italy?

    The importance of the Mediterranean Sea. Amongst the world sailing areas The Mediterranean Sea is one of the favourite sailing areas to spend a vacation for

  • Sardinia is in the world’s top ten

    Sardinia Yacht Charter The cross-validation has come from the last study made by the Savill’s, one of the world giants development company, founded since 1855 in

  • Balearic Islands luxury yacht charter Menorca

    Balearic Islands – Menorca

    The smaller sister island of Majorca, Menorca is only a fifth of the size. The island has a beautiful hilly landscape and pine-fringed coast with more

  • Sardinia Luxury Yachts Costa Smeralda

    Sardinia – Costa Smeralda

    The greater part of Arzachena’s coast was purchased in the early sixties by a group of Italian and foreign enterprises who constituted the Costa Smeralda Syndacate.

  • Sardinia – The Gulf of Orosei

    Out of all Italian beaches no coast is so varied and charming, so full of incontaminated and wild landscapes like the Gulf of Orosei.

  • French Riviera - Luxury yachts Iles de Lèrins

    French Riviera – Iles de Lèrins

    These two tiny islands, a 20 minute ferry ride from the hustle of Cannes, offer respite for jaded souls and depleted credit cards. Luxury Yachts for

  • South Sardinia

    An almost secret oasys to sail for 8 months per year. Blessed by a particularly mild climate, this part of Sardinia, less famous than others, offers ideal

  • Balearic Islands luxury yacht charter Ibiza

    Balearic Islands- Ibiza

    Renowned as the clubbing capital of the world, hedonists have been flocking to Ibiza in droves ever since 1960s, when the first hippies, in pursuit of

  • Balearic Islands luxury yacht charter Majorca

    Balearic Islands – Majorca

    Package holidays to Majorca started in 1952 so it is unsurprising that this island is practically synonymous with tourism and since 1980 a lot of Luxury Yachts

  • Sardinia Luxury Yachts Villasimus

    Sardinia – Villasimius

    In the nice coast to the west of Cagliari there is a beautiful creeks of Cala Regina with the tower with the same name, Geremeas, Torre

  • Italy Luxury Yachts Sardinia

    Italy – Sardinia

    Sardinia occupies a surface of 23,813 sq. Kms. And is the second lagerst island in Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily). Sardinian natural environment is therefore the largest

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