Between the end of May and the beginning of June, San Pietro’s Island will welcome the XI edition of “Girotonno“, an event that will see gathered journalists, experts, connoisseurs of quality tuna and Chefs from all over the world.

The international event involves Food Critics, internationally renowned Chefs and experts of the Mediterranean gastronomy, nominating Carloforte “capital of quality tuna”. (as to say the “tuna racing” that is caught in St. Peter’s trap in the days of the event.)

Four days filled with appointments and meetings related to the cultural traditions, art, wine and food, music and entertainment to celebrate the ancient culture of tuna, historically linked to the territory. Carloforte-San-pietro-slandsardinia-girotonno (4)

The main event will be the “World Tuna Cuisine Competition“, the international culinary competition with Chefs coming from worldwide: from Japan, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Peru and Tunisi they will all compete by offering each others their best recipes using cooked and raw fresh tuna in front of an international jury composed of journalists and experts in food and wine, chaired by journalist Paul Marks, creator of “Identità Golose”. Judging the dishes there will be also a popular jury, made by visitors of the event that will grant a popular award.