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Why rent a yacht to visit Italy?

The importance of the Mediterranean Sea. Amongst the world sailing areas The Mediterranean Sea is one of the favourite sailing areas to spend a vacation for boat enthusiasts, whether sailing or motor.

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Les Voiles de St. Tropez

Les Voiles de St. Tropez, born 30 years ago as La Nioulargue, the famous race gather beautiful classic yachts alongside the most performance sailing boats at the end of September. A myriad of racers and keen of sailing come from all over the world to challenge in the magnificent and famous bay of Saint-Tropez. The

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Sailing School on board Luxury Sailing Yachts

Chartering a Luxury Sailing Yacht with crew can become an alternative way to learn sailing skills without giving up your comfort and relaxation. Navigare Worldwide has selected for you a range of particularly suitable crafts to this purpouse, and selected crews who are specialized in teaching the sailing art to clients, allowing you to become a skilled sailor

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