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The most frequently Yacht Charter Contract adopted

The most frequently used Yacht Charter Contract is the MYBA, created by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, that certifies yacht standards and data throughout.

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Sailing School on board Luxury Sailing Yachts

Chartering a Luxury Sailing Yacht with crew can become an alternative way to learn sailing skills without giving up your comfort and relaxation. Navigare Worldwide has selected for you a range of particularly suitable crafts to this purpouse, and selected crews who are specialized in teaching the sailing art to clients, allowing you to become a skilled sailor

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Yacht Management

It can happen to buy a boat and to be in the impossibility to manage it properly, risking this way to see it loose its shine because of time and care lack.

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Yacht Charter with pets. Is it possible?

It is well known that, with a previous communication, almost all receptive structures, welcome small sized pets. Throughout their owners’ stay, they enjoy an environment suitable to their needs without having any stress. Knowing this, today we ask ouselves: Can we contact a yacht charter company to rent a yacht with crew and bring over

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Charter a Luxury Sailing Yacht for Regattas

For those who have already experienced the renting of a luxury sailing yacht and are willing to taste the thrill of competition, Navigare Worldwide Ltd. offers a wide range of luxury yachts rigged for the regatta with which is possible to match a relaxing cruise with days of participation to some of the world most famous regattas, list

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Crew Duties on a Yacht for Charter

Which are the crew duties onboard a charter yacht? Onboard a luxury yacht you’ll always find professional crews that will offer you a top class tailor made service, available h24 for the entire duration of your cruise.

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Boat Show Palma and Superyacht Show

Coming soon…the Palma Superyacht Show will return in April 2019 for its sventh edition. Run concurrently with the Boat Show Palma from 27th April to 1st May, the Palma Superyacht Show will showcase a diverse collection of 80 yachts for both sale and charter, meaning it is a must-attend event for

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Yacht Charter Marketing

Three decades of experience of our staff in the Yacht Charter Market, has allowed Navigare Worldwide Ltd. to acquire competence and suitable instruments to provide your yacht with an excellent positioning in the charter market.

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Luxury events on Board

To have a party onboard is a sign of distinction and excentricity. Guests will always remember that unique event, so different from the usual happening in a classic venue. The most frequently requested events to cater for are birthdays and marriages, but also business meetings, cultural events and electoral parties.

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Crewed Charter

Crewed Charter When people decide to spend their holiday chartering a yacht, they can choose among different solutions, in this article we will evidence the main differences between crewed charter yachts and bareboats. We will drive you to the right choice. A cruise on a Crewed Charter Yacht is a comfortable and luxurious vacation

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Why rent a yacht to visit Italy?

The importance of the Mediterranean Sea. Amongst the world sailing areas The Mediterranean Sea is one of the favourite sailing areas to spend a vacation for boat enthusiasts, whether sailing or motor.

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Luxury Yacht Charter

Why to Charter a Luxury Yacht? Luxury yacht charter will make come true all your desires but most of all it’s an occasion for an unforgettable dream vacation. Renting a yacht allows you to create your own route, to taste foods prepared by the most important gourmet chefs, to play new sports and to lay out

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Gourmet Cuisine on Luxury Yachts for Charter

Customize your diet and taste the Gourmet Cousine What you’d expect onboard a luxury yacht for charter is to taste gourmet cuisine, an experienced chef will be there to ensure that any meal is perfectly prepared and served for you.

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Rent a motor bareboat by Navigare Worldwide

Rent a Bareboat Motor Yacht by Navigare Bareboating is an unmanned boat rental suitable for experienced sailors with nautical license and it’s the ideal solution for those who want to spend a holiday not only in the pursuit of relax but also for enjoying a unique bareboating experience. Who opts for a Bareboat

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Water Toys for Superyachts

  First of all let us debunk a common mith: all children, of any age can sail with their parents and make experiences that will last for a lifetime. When having children on board, the crew arranges for their entertaiment together with their parents.

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